No Names

The professionals with 'No Names' are music fanatics. They offer rhythmical and lively energy in the form of funk, disco, soul, and pop music. The band will be playing a variety of cover songs, including classics, 70’s dance, and new hits. With all their superpowers, they form an energy, that has to be experienced!

Dirty Martini

Our special Canadian task force known as 'Dirty Martini' guarantees exceptional mix of dancing sounds. They has successfully completed numerous foreign missions around the world. They instantly strike their target with a high dose of energy and their secret weapons are two vocals, male and female, which can be a threat to any song from folk to Rihanna.

The Funkalots

The band consists of good friends who very often meet while working with different stars on the Polish music scene (Edyta Bartosiewicz, Patrycja Kosiarkiewicz, Andrzej Piaseczny, Ania Wyszkoni, SOFA among others) and jam together in Warsaw clubs. The Funkalots are the best Polish musicians of their generation. Each concert of theirs is an unforgettable experienced not to be missed!

Jazzy Bell

The group consisting of fantastic personalities inspired by various music styles. The musicians of the band work with many of the main Polish pop artists on a regular basis. A carefully chosen repertoire, great performance, and original arrangements guarantee unforgettable fun. The distinctive feature of the band is the charismatic singer Gosia Janek.

Oksana Predko

An artist who knows how to combine extraordinary charisma with remarkable subtlety. Her strong personality and unique, musical sensitivity make for a performance that is not to be missed. Her voice might be familiar to some of you from the Orange commercial that uses her song 'Every little thing'. She has also participated in the 3rd season of The Voice of Poland. Oksana is a singer and songwriter for whom live performances are a perfect form of connecting with the audience.

Nocny Koncert

Guarantees tasty music, magnificent atmosphere, unforgettable fun, and an energetic show. This audacious band consists of professional musicians with both stage and TV experience. 'Nocny Koncert' plays an explosive mixture of Polish and international hits - only live and only to make you dance.

Boogie Band

Truly energetic band. The audience can’t resist their charm and immense sense of humor. The reaction can be seen on thedance floor. During their performance you will hear hits from the 60’s artists such as: Paul Anka, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, the Temptations, and also contemporary hits of such artists as: Adele, Rihanna, Maroon5, and Wanted.


Salsa Central

That is a true Latino heat coming from the stage, unforgettable music sensations and an amazing band that will make you dance like never before. The songs performed by Salsa Central are a precise selection that could be envied by the best DJs. An unbelievably good rhythm section, trombones, timbales, congas, bass, and piano provide the authentic sound.The band’s repertoire consists of a wide variety of Latino hits, starting from Havana, ending up in New York, from the 70’s up to now.



Ewelina Babiarz

Very mysterious, magnetic, and modest artist - singer,  actress, and a songwriter, who has already performed on some of the greatest Polish and international stages. Her concerts are a combination of energy, elegance and style, which can’t be forgotten. She has won numerous prestigious singing festivals, including the International Song Festival 'Rzeszow Carpathia Festival' and the Festival of Polish Songs among others. Privately, she is a cheerful perfectionist with a great sense of humor.
Ewelina’s concert will be full of some great jazz standards as well as her own material.

Magda Kowalska

A full of charm singer is the graduate of Frederic Chopin School of Music, where she studied Voice. She has performed with numerous Polish pop artists at such festivals as Heineken Open'er and Top Trendy. One notable collaboration is with Natalia Przybysz (Sistars) on her solo project NATU. Magda sings, directs, and sometimes works with the youth. On the stage she will present interesting arrangements and immensely inspiring medleys of world hits.

Anna Kostrzewska

Our truly versatile, elegant and charming singer with temperament. Anna has gained her experience while working with respected singers and musicians such as: Vaya Con Dios, whom she supported during their Polish tour; Stanisław Soyka, Justyna Steczkowska, Aga Zaryan, Anna Serafińska, Maria Sadowska, Mietek Szcześniak, Tomasz Stańko, Raz Dwa Trzy, Lemon,Tatiana Okupnik, Kasia Cerekwicka, Ania Wyszkoni,
Rafał Brzozowski, Bracia Cugowscy, and Mateusz Ziółko.

Ola Troczyńska

Ola graduated from the Music School in Turek while studying piano. She also attended the Music Highschool in Poznan, where she was in the rhythm section, as well as the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, where she studied Choral Conducting. She is the winner of numerous festivals, such as: the singing competition 'Let us Remember  Agnieszka Osiecka' in Warsaw. The music evenings with Ola are one fantastic mixture of good taste and elegance.